Thursday, June 14, 2012

Articles of Interest

Pat and I have been hopping this week.  We have a camp (Shewey Science Academy) that has over 120 students in Mingo County this week.  Students can attend the academy at any of four sites (Gilbert, Lenore, Matewan or Williamson) to do inquiry based science and math. 

While we love seeing all of these students enjoying learning, it sure does wear a couple of old guys out!  We look forward to the beginning of the Shewey Science Academy each year but we also look forward to having it completed.  This is the fifth year that we have done it and we think it gets better each year.

Working with us are Wes Neal of Huntington High, Derek Fry, a recent chemistry education graduate and Keri Gregory a science education major at Marshall University.  This is a fantastic team that gets has done a great job for the students here.

In the evenings, I have been doing some reading to prepare for our trip in July.  I found a couple of things in the Elkins InterMountain Newspaper that may interest you:

West Virginia’s Largest Butternut Tree – also known as a white walnut

Historic Beverly Plans a Busy Summer – we will spend a day in Beverly, just south of Elkins

Don’t forget to register and attend the blog sessions that Brian McNeel is doing.  I am confident that Brian can help you improve the content and appearance of your blog.

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