Friday, July 13, 2012

The time for departure is nearly upon us

On Sunday morning we will be pulling out of the Cabell County Central Office parking lot a little after 8:30 am on our way to the first stop of the trip, Cathedral State Park.

The itinerary has been updated, hopefully for the last time.  A link to the final itinerary is in the links section of this blog.

By noon on Saturday, I hope to have a gpx file available from this blog that has the locations of stops on the trip.  If you have a GPS unit, you can download this file to the GPS as waypoints and can find your way to all of the places we visit.

Please note some important announcements in previous blog entries that some of the places we will visit require long trousers and closed toe shoes.  Also, please note that our first meal on Sunday afternoon will be on your own in the Bridgeport area.  We will be picking up most meals directly but in this instance we will be breaking up to speed lunch to get us to Cathedral State Park more quickly giving us more time to observe the virgin forest there.

Don't forget how many paces you need to take to measure 66 feet.  We calibrated ourselves when we were in Ritter Park on April 21.  To do the tree estimates and board feet calculations, you will need to pace off 66 feet from the base of the tree.  For me, that distance is 29 paces at a brisk natural gait.  Your pace will certainly be different.

Please check back with this blog frequently for updates.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I am getting really excited.