Thursday, April 12, 2012

Find a Tote for Saturday!

It just occured to me that those little 'Totes' we get at conferences would be IDEAL to carry your LabQuest, sensors, notebooks, and even your tablet in on the trip this summer (as well as our Saturday workshop on April 21st). Go out in the garage, basement, closet, or wherever you toss those little totes whenever you get them, dust them off and load up all your gear to bring with you on Saturday. Don't forget to UPDATE your LabQuest. I've put a link on this site with instructions and information about the update 2-3 blogposts below.


  1. Great idea, Pat. A canvas tote would be great to carry the LabQuest and probes. Of course, I usually have my West Virginia briefcase . . . a Walmart bag!

  2. I love my book bag! Thanks Steve!!! :)