Friday, April 27, 2012

Stipends Increased for Summer 2012

As you are aware, one of our deliverables for the Forestry and Rail Transport project is the development and sharing of three lesson plans that use forestry, forest products, logging, railroads and/or water quality as focal points.  These lesson plans should be closely tied to content standards in your field and include at least two other content areas (total of three subjects). 

These lesson plans should be of the professional quality that will be of use to educators not only throughout Cabell County but across the state and beyond.  Although a lesson plan format is provided, you may feel free to use a format that you may be more comfortable using as long as the quality remains high. This template is also in our shared TimberRail Dropbox folder.  A link to the template is also in the Handouts area of our project blog.

Lesson plans should be in Microsoft Word format and sent to Steve via email.  They should also be provided on a link from your blog page and available to visitors to your blog.  You may find that it is convenient to upload your lesson plans to Dropbox, SugarSync, Amazon Cloud Storage,, or ShareSend.

In the 2010 and 2011 projects, participants were paid $100 per day for the 6 day summer culminating experience and $200 for the development and posting of three lesson plans.  Total stipend for the summer was $800.  This year, the stipend will be restructured slightly.  You will be paid $1000 for the completion of the summer project.  This includes participation in all aspects of the summer trip and the development and posting of three professional quality lesson plans based on the project.  All work must be completed by August 15 since the last stipends must be submitted for payment on that date.

You may prepare the required lesson plans at any time.  If you would like to write your lessons before the summer trip, that is not only acceptable but is highly desirable.  I can get payment for your $1000 stipend submitted as soon as the trip is complete and you have sent your three high quality lesson plans.  I cannot provide stipends to participants who do not complete the project.

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