Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Successful (cold and wet) Field Trip

Despite the uncooperative weather, the spring fieldwork at Ritter Park last Saturday was a huge success.  In the morning, we were able to identify over two dozen trees, learned how many paces are 66 feet for each of us, practiced determining the height of trees using our formula, determined the radius of a tree from a measure of circumference and calculated the board feet of lumber in the tree.  In the afternoon, we collected water from Four Pole Creek to assess, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and total dissolved solids to assess water quality.  We reviewed procedures to calibrate sensors and ways of cleaning and storing sensors at the conclusion of an outing.

From this field experience, we would like three additions to your blogs prior to the summer trip:

1.       Local tree guide (including photos and descriptions of at least 12 tree species) that your students can use.  This may be best done on a tab of your blog although you may have other ways as well.  Carla Snell’s blog has a good tree guide that is appropriate for her students.

2.       Narrative and photos on the determination of board feet from a standing tree

3.       Assessment of water quality on 4 Pole Creek including data tables

We were very impressed with the quality of your work and attitude on a miserable cold and wet day.  You worked efficiently and accurately on the water project although we had a number of distractions at the shelter were we were attempting to work.

Based on your work this weekend, I can’t wait to work with you again this summer on the culminating field experience around the state.  Plans continue to develop.  Links to many of the places that we hope to visit are provided on our blog.  An update to the itinerary will be posted to our shared TimberRail Dropbox folder soon.

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  1. Aww thanks! My kids love using the dichotomous key book. They argue about what kind of tree it is with the leaves, bark, etc. It's fun to watch them. I'll have to video tape them the next time. They are REALLY into it!