Monday, April 30, 2012

Hatfield & McCoy Feud TV Show

As you have probably heard, The History Channel will be airing a special on the Hatfields & McCoys beginning on May 31.  The series stars Kevin Costner (Devil Anse Hatfiled), Bill Paxton (Randolph McCoy) and many others.

While working in Mingo County over the past few weeks, I have spoken to several people who were interviewed for the series.  They report that the show portrays the events fairly accurately and does not show people from the region in an especially unflattering light.

As a resident of West Virginia, I would suggest that we watch the Hatfields & McCoys.  The previews look excellent.

An interesting article on the Hatfield-McCoy Feud can be found on the West Virginia Archives and History website.

As an early timber baron, Devil Anse Hatfield is of special interest to educators in the Forestry and Rail Transport project.


  1. I will check it out! I put it on my calendar. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I saw that and thought it would be great to watch.

  3. While in NYC the last week of school for training, the show was heavily promoted on the subway, buses, and other places. I watched the entire series and thought is was relatively well shot and did not stray from the facts too far. I think it provided a glimpse for those outside the region a chance to how the feud devleloped and affected the lives of the people involved.