Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Huntington Middle Field Trip

I had the pleasure of accompanying a group of sixth grade students from Huntington Middle School on a field experience this morning.  The project was arranged and coordinated by Mr. David Williams.

The students were in three groups that rotated to stations that included expressive writing, using mathematics to calculate the board feet in a standing tree and an assessment of water quality in 4 Pole Creek.  Mr. Williams modified the board feet and water quality protocols that we used in the project to be appropriate for sixth grade students.

The students worked diligently and solved the tasks of the day with enthusiasm.  They not only enjoyed the project but learned some real world math, science and writing skills.  A community member was walking in the park and asked one of the students what they were doing.  The student replied, “We are learning.”  What a great response!

If you are interested in using the activities that Mr. Williams developed, I am certain that he will be more than happy to share.  If you go to Mr. Williams’ blog, he plans to have links to download his documents soon.


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  2. Steve forgot to mention the cry, "this is fun" by many of the groups. Great day of learning for students using 21st century tools and skills. Thanks for sharing the activity David!

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  3. Students will learn more from that field work in one day than spending a whole week doing worksheets. Good job David.

  4. Great job David!! I am looking forward seeing your lesson plans on your blog. I would like to do something similar with my students. And I love your students' responses!! (That is how you know it was a true success!!)